Specialty Grinding

In this business, we just never know when we’ll be asked to do something out of the ordinary. That’s what happened in these cases.

Diamond Surface Inc has been in the diamond grinding business since 1989 and has experienced operators that were in the industry long before that. In the past 25 years we have been able to provide corrective grinding measures in a wide variety of situations. There are no limits to what we can achieve with the grinding process.

Over the years we have corrected pavement surfaces on airfields, cattle barns, bridge decks, light rail tracks, high school field running tracks, indoor hockey arena's, river boat casino docks, roadways, parking areas and many other types of pavements both indoors as well as outdoors. It is our unique ability to understand the situation, modify our equipment as needed and provide highly trained operators with the great skills necessary to complete most any situation that encounter.

In most situations we provide an alternate to remove and replace that saves thousands of dollars to the contractors or owners of projects. As well the time required for the corrective measures we use in our process are a fraction of the time required for other alternatives.