Concrete Diamond Grinding:

DSI started as a diamond grinding contractor in 1989. Our reputation is solid in the grinding industry as a leader and innovator. We believe that diamond grinding is the best alternative to short lived, more expensive methods.

Currently our diamond grinding equipment consists of:

  • One 3’ Grinder
  • Six 4’ Grinders
  • Eight new 4’ Revolutionary PC6000 Grinders
  • Two 2’ Grinder (This grinder offers close proximity grinding which no-one can match)
  • Three Profilers (measures pavement smoothness)

Corrective (Bump) Grinding:

We correct both concrete and asphalt pavement surface problems. This includes bridge decks or any other ride and /or skid problem you may have.

Our equipment and experienced long time employees can assure you that no job is too large or too complicated for us. It is not uncommon to complete difficult projects ahead of schedule.