Rumble Stripping


In 1996, DSI began to explore building equipment for the rumble strip market. The result was the development of the Snapper Rumble Strip Machine. This machine served us well up until 2010. It was then time for a change.

As the demand for rumble strips on all roadways across the United States continues to rise, there is also a wide variety of shoulder cross sections, configurations and widths of rumble strips. All things considered, we needed to step up again and build a machine that could handle all this diversity. We decided to build a self contained power unit that would install the rumble strips on the roadways and eliminate loading and unloading of a machine. Thus, the Truck Mounted Rumbler was born. This machine has proven to be much safer, easier to operate and has a production rate that exceeds our nearest competitors.

Rumble stripping consists of cutting wide grooves on concrete or asphalt to the dimensions, spacing, and location as directed by D.O.T. specifications.

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